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KPE Sail Tracks
KPE Sail Tracks

KPE Sail Tracks

The KPE Sail Track System is the ideal solution to enable crew to reach the inaccessible parts of a vessel in comfort and safety. The KPE Sail Track System conforms to the latest health and safety standards. 

Specialist in sail track installation on thin hull walls and different hull surfaces

KPE is specialised in installing sail tracks and has years of experience in installing sail tracks on different hull surfaces and hull walls. KPE has developed an ‘MCA Approved System’ for mounting on thin walls in order to ensure that the sail tracks are securely fixed.

KPE Sail Track System is MCA Approved

KPE has developed an MCA Approved System for the assembly of
sail tracks on thin walls.

The system has been tested extensively according to the toughest standards:

  • a ‘Dynamic’ test involving dropping a weight of 100 kilogram from a height of 2.5 metres; 
  • and a ‘Statistical’ test which involves a weight of 1000 kilogram left hanging on a sail track system for several minutes. 

The sail track system passes the MCA tests and comes with a certificate . 

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KPE sail tracks are installed with the greatest precision

KPE assembles sail tracks on both ‘new-build‘ and ‘refit projects’. The sail tracks are being installed with great precision due to our ongoing development of specialist tools and fully trained staff. KPE installs both the ‘HARKEN External Access System (EAS)’ and/or the ‘RONSTAN sail track system’.

KPE sail track assembly on thin walls/wall thickness: the advantages

  • No interior adjustments necessary
  • No paint damage
  • No corrosion issues
  • Mounting on 5 mm aluminium or steel without welding 
  • MCA approved
  • Inc. certificate
  • Inc. installation report
  • Harken External Access System (EAS)
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