We fabricate and install
custom parts for the yachting and commercial industries.
About KPE Zeilmakerij (KPE Sailmakers)

About KPE Zeilmakerij (KPE Sailmakers)

KPE Zeilmakerij (KPE Sailmakers) has over 20 years of specialist fabrication experience in yacht industry in areas including yacht sails, canvas work and upholstery. We rely on experience to produce the highest quality products and our marketing is mostly word of mouth due to customer satisfaction.

We are proud of our high standards in craftsmanship.

We work with the highest quality materials, modern equipment and highly experienced employees. These factors combine to allow us to guarantee the highest quality. 

We also continuously look for ways to improve and innovate.

We are quick

We are a higly dynamic company who can work quickly to fulfill your requirements efficiently.

Further information?

For more information about KPE Zeilmakerij (KPE Sailmakers) and our products please contact our office. Our dedicated staff look forward to answering your questions. 

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